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10 health benefits of having mangoes (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Tips
With summer knocking on our doors, it is time to taste some succulent mangoes. It turns out that mangoes are not only tasty, but that the “king of fruits” can help you. They have some serious health benefits. Here are 10 health benefits of mangoes:Read More
10 Health Trends for 2019 (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Information, Tips
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Carbs are out, fat is in. What else? Check out our top picks for the coming year.
1. Ghee in your coffee A dollop of desi ghee into your steaming cup of coffee. This strange concoction is being touted as the "it" health dri...Read More
10 healthy turmeric recipes for Arthritis (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Tips
01 The wonder spice
Arthritis pain can be excruciating and may lead you to take painkillers which turn out as an instant cure for your sufferings. But in the long run, these quick relief pills become ineffective as well as harmful for the...Read More
10 reasons why Indians love chai so much (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Tips
01 Our much-loved tea
Indians and tea have a unique connection. It is not just a drink for us, but a ritual, a celebration and even a diversion from the regular mundane affairs and it is that inalienable part of our lives that most of us ...Read More
11 - bad habits that are actually healthy according to science (Updates)
Daily Update
Entertainment, Tips
Many of your supposedly "bad habits" may actually be perfectly good for you, according to scientific research. Whether you like naps, can't commit to a 2-hour daily workout, or occasionally indulge in fatty foods, there are studies to support you. R...Read More
5 Exercises to help cut down Belly Fat (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Information, Tips
The most stubborn of all fats is the fat that piles up on your tummy.
Not only does it look bad on you, it is also a virtual invitation to a number of dreadful health issues like diabetes, stroke, high blood-pressure etc.
Although losing b...Read More
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