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Want soft pink lips - Try these home remedies (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Lifestyle, Tips
Your smile matters.
And for a great smile, you need nice and beautiful lips, the need of which is highly underrated.
Just like any other part of your face, your lips need special attention too.
And the best part is that you don't need ...Read More
Want a svelte figure like Priyanka Chopra - Follow these tips (Updates)
Daily Update
Actress, Bollywood, Celebrities, Health, Priyanka Chopra, Tips
Priyanka Chopra, who's often touted as a global icon, turned 37 recently.
From being crowned Miss World two decades back, to making a name in the West, Priyanka's life and career are undeniably inspiring.
That, coupled with her amazing loo...Read More
Five healthy breakfast recipes your kids will love (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Tips
With kids, deciding and making breakfast could be challenging.
As a parent, you not only have to meet their unending wishes, but also make sure that your offerings are high on health quotient.
Kids obviously want their first meal to be tasty and f...Read More
Atkins diet (What is it) foods to eat - benefits and risks (Updates)
Daily Update
Food, Health, Tips, Weight Loss
Simply put, the Atkins diet is a low-carbohydrate diet, popularly known for weight loss.
Several studies over the past decade have shown that low-carb diets aid in weight loss, pretty effectively.
Originally promoted by physician Dr. Robert Atkins...Read More
DASH diet - What is it and benefits and what to eat (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Tips
Infamously called the "silent killer," high blood pressure (or hypertension) affects more than a billion people around the globe, and the numbers are rising.
Eating a healthy diet is crucial for patients of high blood pressure.
In partic...Read More
Vegetarian Keto diet - Benefits and foods to eat (and avoid) side-effects (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Tips
You have probably already heard of the Ketogenic diet, one of the hottest diet buzzwords.
The Keto diet encourages increased consumption of healthy fats, protein and lower intake of carbohydrates, to promote healthy weight loss.
Although this part...Read More
Want stronger bones - Eat these foods rich in Calcium and Vitamin-D (Updates)
Daily Update
Health, Tips
Having healthy and strong bones is crucial for your overall physical strength and well-being.
Poor bone health can lead to dreadful conditions such as osteoporosis, osteopenia, fractures, etc.
But don't worry- a healthy and balanced diet, whic...Read More
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