Five Hollywood flicks that were inspired from Bollywood hit films
It's a known fact that Bollywood copies other countries' works, unabashedly.
Several hit flicks like Sarkar, Dhamaal, Baazigar, Aitraaz, Murder, etc., have either duplicated Hollywood films or drawn inspiration from them.
But sometimes the...Read More
Five amazing powers of The Hulk
The Hulk, a result of a gamma related accident whose victim was the brilliant scientist, Bruce Banner, is one of the strongest Avengers.
Known and feared for his legendary physical strength across the Marvel Universe, the Hulk, however, has other sets of ...Read More
Here are some of the top controversies from the Olympics
The Olympics is undoubtedly the greatest sporting event in the world.
Athletes from across the globe and nations participate in respective sports to stand a chance to be recognized as one of the world's best and make their nation proud.
Howeve...Read More
How to fix critical battery-draining bug on Android phones
If your Android phone's battery is running rapidly out of juice, a bug might be marring its performance.
Yes, the folks at Android Police report that a vulnerability in one of the core Android apps is draining the battery of smartphones worldwide.
Read More
These Hollywood films are a treat for every animal lover
A video that has surfaced online recently is leaving people stunned. It shows how a young dog saves three cubs from a ferocious wolf.
A quick Google search reveals that this video is actually a part of a 1987 film, Benji the Hunted.
Hollywood has ...Read More
Lock WhatsApp for Android with your fingerprint - Here how
Often, WhatsApp users fear the possibility of friends, family members reading their personal messages.
They resort to tackling the problem with third-party app lockers, but now, in a major move, the messaging giant has started offering its own native solu...Read More
Secure Your WhatsApp Chats Using Fingerprint Scanner Step by Step Guide and How Whatsapp Chats With Fingerprint Lock Works
Whatsapp has been up in news for a variety of reasons lately. Right since adding new emojis to major software changes, Whatsapp has been pushing itself forward to launch newer updates every now and then.
Privacy is a major concern these days. Thankfully, ...Read More
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