Sunny Leone beats PM Narendra Modi becomes (Most Googled Celebrity) in India

Sunny Leone, who was last seen in Arjun Patiala, emerged as the most searched personality in India for the eighth consecutive year in 2019.

According to Google Trends' analytics, she has beaten Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan to retain her spot on the list.

Sunny, who is elated with this development, thanked her fans for their support.

Here's more.

Searches Most of the searches were regarding her biopic

As per the report, most searches regarding Sunny were related to her videos and biopic, Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone.

The biopic played a key role in boosting the searches, as it highlighted several important chapters of her journey, it added.

The research also stated that a massive number of searches for Sunny originated from Northeastern states like Manipur and Assam.

Statement I have to attribute this to my fans, says Sunny

Undoubtedly, maintaining the top slot as the 'Most Googled Celebrity' for a stunning eight years is a big achievement, and Sunny attributed "this to my fans."

Expressing her gratitude towards them, she said that it is a great feeling.

"My team bought this to my notice and I have to attribute this to my fans who have constantly been there for me," she added.

Brand The 38-year-old recently launched her innerwear brand, 'Infamous'

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Sunny recently ventured into lingerie business by launching her innerwear brand, Infamous.

Talking about this latest venture, the 38-year-old said, "It was a market we hadn't tapped into and we thought this was the right time to dive into it."

She also had started her cosmetics brand Star Struck last year, apart from doing films off and on.

Sunny also talked on how she manages her many businesses

When asked how she juggles so many businesses at the same time, Sunny said that she's a hands-on businesswoman. "If I've to take time out in the middle of the night, then so be it. I can't leave it in somebody else's hands," she added.



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