Samsung to launch 108MP camera sensor on August 12

Samsung is all set to break its own record that it had set by introducing the first-ever 64MP mobile camera.

The company's ISOCELL division has announced that it'll launch a new sensor with 'redefining resolution' on August 12.

We believe it'll be the 108MP sensor which was recently teased by Xiaomi at the company's 64MP Redmi camera phone event.

Here's everything to know.

Here's the official announcement


Samsung 108MP sensor should offer high-quality 27MP images

Like Samsung's 64MP camera sensor, the upcoming 108MP sensor is likely to use pixel-merging technology and mosaic algorithm to produce bright 27MP images in low-light environments and highly-detailed 108MP shots with a mind-boggling resolution of 12,032 x 9,024 in brighter outdoor scenarios.

The new imaging sensor should also allow for improved HDR and real 8K video recording.

Rumors The upcoming sensor will debut on Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

While we'll get more details about the upcoming sensor in a couple of days time, we do know that a Xiaomi phone will debut this piece of tech.

At a recent event in China, Xiaomi confirmed that it'll to soon launch a Mi phone that'll use the 108MP Samsung ISOCELL camera and the handset in question is claimed to be the Mi Mix 4.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 to launch later this year

If Xiaomi sticks to its usual handset launch timeline for the flagship Mi Mix series, then we can except Mi Mix 4 to arrive with this 108MP sensor later this year, at least in China.

New Gen The new race to create mighty megapixel sensors

Just last year Sony and Samsung announced their respective 48MP camera sensors that used pixel binning technology to offer more detailed 12MP images. Unsurprisingly, new sensors were adopted by all major OEMs.

And now, as Realme and Redmi battle to launch the first-ever 64MP camera phone, Samsung is set to define the next-generation of mobile photography with its 108MP imaging sensor.



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