Career - Five best mobile apps for SSC CGL exam preparation

In India, government jobs are a dream for many and the most-preferred career option for youngsters.

Every year, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts Combined Graduate Level Examination (SSC CGL), which is one of the most popular government exams among graduates.

Through SSC CGL, candidates are recruited to various ministries, departments, and organizations of the government.

Here are five apps for SSC CGL preparation.

#1 Gradeup is one of the most popular exam preparation platforms

Gradeup is one of the most popular platforms to prepare for various competitive exams, including the SSC CGL examination, in the country. It also offers a free mobile app to help aspirants prepare for the competitive exams.

The Gradeup app provides online mock tests, live classes, solved previous question year papers, performance analysis reports, study material, etc. for SSC CGL aspirants.

#2 Adda 247 offers material in English and Hindi

Adda 247 is another popular mobile app for government exam preparation. It also helps aspirants to ace the SSC CGL exam and provides material in both English and Hindi.

Features offered by the app include mock test series, e-books, study material/conceptual PDFs, video courses, online lectures, quizzes for various exam sections, in-depth exam information, magazines, daily general knowledge and current affairs updates, etc.

#3 The Testbook Exam Preparation App is one of the best

SSC CGL aspirants can also take help of Testbook Exam Preparation App to ace the exam. It is one of the most preferred exam preparation apps.

It offers online test series based on the latest syllabus/pattern, live courses/videos from experts, practice questions, daily quizzes, video classes, doubt discussion forum, daily current affairs notes, etc. The exam preparatory material is available in English and Hindi.

#4 Career Lift offers SSC CGL & CHSL Exam Prep app

Leading ed-tech company for competitive exam preparation, Career Lift, also offers the SSC CGL & CHSL Exam Prep app to help aspirants prepare for these two exams.

Features offered by the app include mock tests in English and Hindi, sample/solved tests, practice tests, quizzes, videos, question bank with over 10,000 questions, a vocabulary section, etc.

#5 SSC CGL 2019 English is another useful app

SSC CGL 2019 English is another useful app aspirants can download to prepare and improve their English section score.

It offers several tests and useful study material for the English section, including important words, one-word substitutes, synonyms, antonyms, definitions and examples, idioms and phrases, sentence improvement questions, common errors, spelling tests, flashcards, offline pronunciation, etc.



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