Apple Card finally starts rolling out - Here how to apply

Apple's first-ever credit card offering, the Apple Card, has finally started rolling out.

The payments tool was being tested internally, but now, the Cupertino giant is making it available to all those who had applied to be notified on its introduction.

However, worry not, if you weren't one of these users, a wider rollout is set to happen later this month.

More details follow.

Apple Card First up, a bit about Apple Card

Backed by Goldman Sachs and MasterCard, the Apple Card offers a way to buy Apple and third-party products on credit.

It comes with benefits like instant approval, zero fees on missing deadlines or going over the limit, and daily cashback on purchases.

The card is built right into Apple Pay wallet app, but you can also order a titanium card that has no number/CVV.

How much cashback Apple Card will offer on purchases.

According to Apple, you will get DailyCash rewards, in real dollars, at the rate of 1% on regular physical card purchases (online/offline), 2% on virtual Apple Pay payments using the card, and 3% on Apple store purchases, subscriptions.

Application Applying is a simple five step process

In order to apply, head over into Apple Pay and tap on the + icon in the upper right corner.

Then, tap on the 'Apple Card' option and hit 'Continue' to begin the application process.

Apple will immediately fetch your information and use it to provide a credit limit and annual interest rate for the card, which you can accept and start using instantly.

Physical card You can order the physical card too

Once you accept the card, it will be linked with your Apple ID, Apple Pay wallet, Apple Watch, and Safari autofill.

Notably, in Apple Pay itself, you'll also find the option to order the physical laser-etched version of the card.

But, do note that it would have to be activated by bringing the iPhone near in order to be used at any outlet.

Shopping Then, you can start shopping

After receiving the physical card, you can use the Apple Card to pay online or offline.

For online shopping, you'd just have to select Apple Pay, tap on Apple Card, and authenticate the payment via Face ID.

Meanwhile, for offline payments, you could either use the card or hold the iPhone near the contactless payment reader and authenticate via Face ID.

All card-related information will appear in Apple Pay wallet

All information related to Apple Card, be it due amount, available credit, weekly spending stats, or card number, CVV, will be available right inside the Apple Pay wallet. It will hold card information protected with Face ID and also offer the option to repay instantly.

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