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Bolo is a real time messaging app. Bolo empowers Private and Group chat with Free Phone and Video Call. It has dozens of amazing features to share Text, Audio, Photos, Videos, Stickers, Quickies, Location, GIF, Doodle and more. Its 100 % FREE, SECURE and No Ads.


? FAST: Bolo is super fast, its powered by advance socket technology, ensuring instant, real time messaging.

? SECURE: Every message is encrypted by AES. Bolo also supports ghost chatting, auto delete messages, wipe out feature right at your finger tip.

? PRIVACY: Block users, leave or block conversation. We save no data on our servers or cloud.

? SINGLE CLICK TEXTING: Send your custom messages in one click. Type no more.

? PERSONALIZE: Make it your own by using themes. Pick your favorite wallpaper and get fresh experience every time.

? SHARE ANYTHING: Say more than just text. Send video, photo, doodle, sticker, gif, location, links, contacts and more.

And most important, Have FUN!

Bolo messaging app also has ’Swadeshi’ stickers with Hindi phrases. There’s also a doodle option on Bolo with different options for pen styles and colours. More features that can be found under the settings menu include profile edits for your name and birthday. Users have options to customise media downloads on mobile data and Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s an option to hide read receipts and one’s online status as well.

Patanjali Messaging App – How to Install and use Bolo App How to Download, Install & Use Bolo App on your Smartphones?

How to Download Bolo App and Install Bolo Apk?

1. Go to the Download Bolo Messaging App Click Here Below Link on your smartphone. You will find the app with the name ‘Bolo – Secure Chat, Free VoIP Video Calls’.

2. Click on the button label with ‘Install’ and then click on ‘Accept’ to give permissions required for application to run. It will automatically start to download.

3. Once done, it will show up the message – the download is complete, now open up the app.

4. After opening, it will show the message -‘ Tap to Continue’. Click on tap button.

5. On next screen, it will ask your mobile number for verification. OTP will be delivered given number.

6. successful verification, on next screen, you will be asked to fill your name and date of birth. you can add the photo after that.

7. Now you can start using the app by sending messages to your friends, relatives. Those friends who are are not on the app can be invited or you can send the text message through the app on their mobile number.

Baba Ramdev’s messaging app is launched with moto to help users communicate faster using the secure connections. It also allows you to share Text, Videos, Stickers, Audio, Photos, GIF, Doodle, Quickies, Location, and more.

To start using Patanjali’s Bolo messaging app, just the download the Bolo apk file from the below link and install it your device.

How to use Patanjali’s Bolo messaging app?

1. After installing Bolo apk. open the messaging app

2. Click accept terms and conditions and enter your mobile number.

3. Next, you will receive otp to the above-entered number.

4. Type the otp on the next screen and you are done.

Now you can start using Bolo app on your mobile. That’s it for this tutorial, hope you have liked Bolo messaging app. Share your experience with us in comment sections

Bolo App for Windows or Mac- How to Install App on your Laptop? Currently, this app is not available for Windows or Mac. We will update you as it will be available on Laptops.



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