WhatsApp Plus APK Download v6.88 Android 2019

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download : Latest Version from here. Plus Mods is the official website for Latest Version WhatsApp Plus for Android 2019. WhatsApp Plus Apk Download For Android WhatsApp Plus v6.88 Latest Version ? New Features ? Privacy Mods ? Supports Video Calls Instant messaging services like WhatsApp Plus are famous among all Android users. There is no need of prolonging about what is WhatsApp, you already know what is it and what are the uses of it. But the thing is WhatsApp Plus service has been discontinued from WhatsApp Inc. They permanently stopped publishing and developing it. But there are some Android developers continue developing it themselves as a modified version. There were many copies of WhatsApp Plus have been made by lots of developers, but none of them exists for a long time. In here we are going to give you the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Apk free download, which has lot more cool features than normal WhatsApp application. 

WhatsApp Plus Download for Android: WhatsApp Plus Apk 2019 will give you tons of new features. As you read through the features, that the app supplies, you will be amazed. Isn't it great explore and use advanced features? Everyone must have the WhatsApp Plus free download latest version. After you get this version, you will see for yourself that the application is excellent and that the features make you fall in love with it. It has video call option which is not state in normal google play version. Also, has many more amazing features like Hiding last seen, Hiding Blue Ticks/Grey Ticks, Hiding Typing and recording status in group chats and much more. The main special feature is Anti-Ban (Ban proof) Mod which is preventing you from banning from WhatsApp. Isn't that great? Yeah, absolutely it is great, so please continue reading to next section. I have compiled a full list of features.

New features of WhatsApp Plus 2019 Get the app on your device to enjoy all its exciting features. It is sure that after you go through all the advanced features, you will rate this app as the number one application as an instant messaging service.

Privacy Mods WhatsApp Plus comes with many Privacy Features which make users more comfortable.

Supports Video Calls The great new feature is Video Call option. Users don't need to have another app for video calls.

Anti-Ban (Ban Proof Mod) With Anti-Ban Mod you don't have to afraid of banning from WhatsApp.

Hide Last Seen/Blue Ticks Another great privacy feature that lets you hide last seen from others and hide the blue ticks after reading messages.

In brief, WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp with added extra features that are advanced and that serve its users with better quality and performance. You will find it very interesting to work with this latest version. Here below, you will find a list of its features.

* [Exclusive] Ban Proof Mod (Anti-Ban)

* Auto Reply to Chats/Messages when you're busy

* Enabled Video Calling

* Themes and Theme server

* Hide the status of the message shown in grey and blue ticks. The single tick will be showed that the message has been sent.

* Can send videos up to 30Mb

* Can send document files up to 100Mb (These may include either PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, or slideshows)

* You can have maximum 256 members in a group

* Can hide online status

* Can hide blue ticks

* Can hide second tick

* Can hide "Typing..." status in groups

* Can hide Recording status in groups

* Can send more than ten photos at once

* Photos maintain high-quality resolution.

* Add 250 Characters in status

* Icon colors and notifications can be changed 

Download Whatsapp Plus APK Latest Version Here you will be able to download WhatsApp Plus, the latest version. Click the download button that is given to continue the process of downloading the Apk. You can have a lovely time by downloading the version. So, get ready to proceed to download by clicking the button given. Once, you get the app installed and start using the app; you will see that its features are fascinating. You can even share your ideas with your friends and family. Teach them how to get used to this new version of WhatsApp and enjoy its advanced features.

Install Latest WhatsApp Plus on your Android Device It is after you install the app that you can use its features. First get the app installed on your device. The step by step installation procedure is given below with screenshots. After completion of download WhatsApp Plus Apk on your Android phone, look how you go on to install the version.

Keep in mind whenever you are going to install APK, you have to first enable Unknown Sources in the Settings. It is a simple procedure where you just put a tick in the needed place.

* First, you must download WhatsApp Plus APK for your device from the given link. You can have it installed on any Android device that you possess.

* Before proceeding, get a backup copy of your conversations. You are doing this step to keep all your messages saved. You will not lose them as you do this step. This procedure is for you to get a backup. Go to Settings, next go to Chats and finally Backup. Wait few minutes until the backup process is complete.

* Next, uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device. You can uninstall by going to Settings, choosing WhatsApp from Apps and clicking uninstall.

* Open the downloaded WhatsApp Plus Apk and install it. After the installation finished, open the app.

* Next, enter your mobile number and verify your number in WhatsApp Plus. You will receive a verification code.

* Here we come to the end, now restore your backup and enter your name and choose a profile picture. 

What are the requirements to install WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone? 1. You need to have an Android smartphone with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above version.

2. Have a backup so that you would not lose all that is important to you.

3. You must have a stable Internet connection.

Latest Changelogs Updates of New Version: 29/08/2019 v6.88

* New Updated Base-2.18.122 (PlayStore)

* [Super Exclusive] - Notification for Revoked messages

* [Exclusive] Group description enabled

* [Exclusive] Group description in header

* Fixed - Disable Heads up for Oreo (Mod 6.11)

* Added - Video Play Back in your Favourite Player (Mod 6.19)

* Added - Mention Button Added - Payments (to activate ask from someone who already activated payments)

* Added - Ability to hide group description from header (Mod 1.2.66)

* Added - Back button for Convert Video to GIF

* Auto reply feature improved

* Can edit auto reply message

* Added - Themed New Group Page, Broadcast Page, Custom Chats Screen and Scheduler Page

* New - Highlight unsaved participants names (Mod 1.2.67)

* Added - Online/Last Seen status Size on Main Screen (Mod 2.2.30A)

* Added - Online/Last Seen status Size on Contacts Screen (Mod 2.4.13A)

* Fixed - Admin Caption (Mod 1.2.64)

* Fixed - delete Auto Reply

* Fixed - Hidden Chat counter Showing On Widget Fixed - Hidden Chat Opening from Group Info

* Delete All Ads From WhatsApp Plus

* Delete All Pop-up From WhatsApp Plus (Follow Us On Facebook – Follow Us On Twitter)

* Add Push Notifications For Our Site To Get Latest Important News And Updates About Our Apps

* Exclusive Know Which Messages are Deleted Anytime you want (Go to Contact/Group Profile and Click on Revoked Messages)

* Enabled Media Visibility (Go to Profile – Media Visibility)

* Enabled Mark as Read in Notification

* Enabled Select All Chats on Main Screen

* Removed Seperate App for Themes

* Removed Mod 6.8 as Old

* Fixed Header Vibration for Hide Chats

* Fixed Revoke Notification not showing in Few Devices

* Fixed Apply Themes in Some Devices

* Fixed Web Search

* Fixed Backup & Restore (Mod 6.7)

* Fixed Share and Send Theme

* Updated Italian and Portuguese Language

* Many Other Fixes

* Exclusively Improved Option for Specific/Except Contacts/Groups in Auto-Reply

* Improved No Need to Restart When use Privacy except for Hide Last Seen

* Enabled Locked Voice Recordings (Press and Swipe up/No need to hold for Recording)

* Enabled Group Settings – Send Messages (Once Enabled only Admin can Send Messages in Group)

* Added Stock Fab (Mod 2.7.9)

* Added Option to Hide New Chat Icon from Header (Mod 2.1.11)

* Added Option for Disable Revoked Message Notification(Mod 6.20)

* Added Option to Disable Auto-Reply when Hide Read

* Added Option to Enable Video Icon in Conversation Header (Mod 1.1.16)

* Added Custom Media Auto-Download in Custom Chats

* Added Now You can Search by Name in Theme Server

* Updated Italian & Brazilian language

* Fixed Contacts Name Color when Add Participants

* Fixed Bubble Color

* Fixed Privacy for Blue Microphone

* Fixed GIF Background Color

* Fixed Attach Icon not Showing in Broadcast chat

* Fixed Action Bar Color, Icon Background color, Count color in Hidden Chats & Archived Chats

Requirements :

* Android OS 2.2 or above.

* Phone Number

* Android Mobile able to receive SMS or calls during the verification process

* Internet Connection.

* Tablet devices are supported.

Conclusion The sharing of all documents and other stuff has increased to 50MB in size. Isn't it marvelous? The latest update of WhatsApp Plus for Android is high in security features. It has many advanced features and advanced privacy settings. You can even set passwords for the chats that you have had.

These are the plus points of this app. By using WhatsApp Plus, you can share among your contacts presentations, video clips, audio clips and what not. Special thanks to the developer who made such an awesome app for Android lovers. This is a totally free app and no in-app purchases or ads. Get the app installed on your device to enjoy all its smartest features. Share your experience on WhatsApp Plus with us... Happy WhatsApp Plus exploration.

WhatsApp Plus Features WhatsApp Plus Apk have video call feature and many privacy options available in the latest update for WhatsApp Plus for android, such as : increasing the number of letters in status, and the possibility to hide notifications, and the possibility to send larger video size and audio file without worry, and send ebooks and You Can set password for chats and WhatsApp Plus Many of WhatsApp users, after downloading WhatsApp Plus for android , find it better than any other application similar to it in his work, Because it provides many distinctive options such as hide last seen – hide online status when you use WhatsApp Plus, Your friends may be surprised when you talk with them and you are offline We have add new properties in the app and its settings, and add the additional features you are looking for.



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