Natalie Elise Hall is a Canadian actress

Natalie Elise Hall (born January 25, 1990) is a Canadian actress. She has appeared in various Broadway, film and TV productions. Her first TV appearance was when she portrayed the role of Colby Chandler on the soap opera All My Children from 2009 to 2011. Natalie grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia prior to moving to New York to pursue roles on Broadway. Hall's mother was a ballerina. Hall grew up with two brothers, of which she has said "I grew up loving the arts but I also was such a tomboy, I loved sports and was very competitive." She performed as Val in the Broadway production of A Chorus Line.

Hall spoke about her first role, saying "It was an amazing experience. I had to grow up so fast working with such talent on a big stage". Her portrayal of Val earned her a Ovation award. Hall moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of Broadway and TV stardom, but relocated to Los Angeles in 2010. She grew up playing soccer on an all-boys soccer team.[ 2004 Have You Heard? Secret Central Tes Taylor 2010 Rising Stars Brenna , 2011 Love's Christmas Journey Ellie Davis King Television film, 2012 The Seven Year Hitch Jennifer Television film, 2013 +1 Melanie , 2015 Lucky N#mbr Nikki Page , 2015 Simple Little Lives Kaylee , 2016 The Curse of Sleeping Beauty Linda , 2016 Summer of 8 Jen , 2017 The Boy Downstairs Ivy, 2017 Only the Brave Natalie Johnson

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